Monday, December 15, 2008

Big Girls Don't Cry

A friend of mine confided to me one day regarding her problem about her she-boss. Her boss has a very impressive academic background aside from the fact that her circle of friends belong to the millionaires of Manila, Davao and Cebu. This boss is only half her age.

The climax of her problem occurred when my friend was reprimanded in front of her staff and other people. Trying to reason out in a very meek manner, the more her boss shouted and told her to stop. Because of her strong self-control and her adherence to good etiquette, she did not pursue her reasoning but kept everything to herself.

After the meeting, my friend immediately typed a resignation letter.

At home, her mood was noticed by her family, particularly her husband. She told them the whole story but managed to hold on her tears to be seen by the family. Her family advised her not to go back to the office anymore for fear that she might have another attack of mild stroke. But my friend wanted to work up to the last day indicated in her resignation to show her boss that she is matured enough and has experienced lots of office politics before.

While in the office the next day, my friend was summoned by her boss to a vacant room where she admitted her shortcomings. In short, she asked for an apology and asked about the feelings of my friend's family when she told the story. My friend said, she was touched by the actions of her boss and she was not able to hold her tears back but cried.

I said, big girls don't cry. But she said, she'd rather cry than talk back at her boss. Crying is washing away all the troubles felt and experienced. My advise: go on, cry as much as you want if doing so will lighten your feelings.