Thursday, October 15, 2009

I am a Food Victim

After two weeks of flood waters in front of my house, thanks God, we survive. Yes, our village was flooded again -- after almost twelve years. The first time I experienced flood was when I was still working. Our company had been very compassionate with its employees who reside at Greenwoods. It dispatches two coasters in the morning to pick us up and return in the afternoon after office hours for almost a month during the flood. That was a very clear picture of what a responsible employer should be. The result was, no one among us got itchy foot and remained healthy until MY retirement.

Going back to the flood, it was a horrible Saturday afternoon on September 26 when the waters went up so fast that our place instantly became unpassable. Only trucks and makeshift bancas could pass our street. Then it went dark - brown out. No radios, no TVs, no internet (of course). I felt we were isolated from the rest of the world. When power rekindled in the morning and our TV was switched on, it was a depression to see the scope of the damages caused by the typhoon. Our municipality was one of the worst hit by the catastrophe. Then I called my children in their respective houses. My children relayed there own experiences which I don't even want to recollect.

It has been two weeks last Sunday but our street was still knee deep with waters. During the Mass, I offered prayers for the continuous healing of my husband and a special prayer for the immediate drying of our street. To our surprise, coming home from the coaster of our priest who happened to pass by our house, we were able to step on our garage without wetting our feet. The following morning all the waters were gone and our street was dried as if it were again summer. See what God can do. He must also have surprises for you.

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