Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Model Blog

It was a hot afternoon in the blogosphere when I chanced to read Annamanila's blog about retirement. It was a nice blog and immediately I felt entertained. Then after that article I read another one, then another one, until I thought I was addicted to her articles. I love the way she writes. Bakit ang galing ng style niya. Even if the article is long, you will finish reading it up to the end. Some articles of new writers are lengthy and the substance you are expecting is not there. Or if it is there, you will find that substance far behind. But Annamanila's articles are super!

Sometimes I asked myself what else I will need to be at par with these very good writers. Will I blame my teachers? No, I have great respect to my English teachers. Maybe the defect is in me. Kahit na sana hindi very good writer -- good man lang sana, at least. But no, I'm not used to give up. I'll be a very good writer also like them, particularly Annamanila.

I accepted a tiring job in our community -- incharge of documentation during parties and important events. This job combines photography and depiction of the event. I suppose I am developing my essay writing ability though it is late. But better late than not.

Though this is another venture after retirement, it keeps me moving literally. Being out of the office, and out of school as well, I need to feed my brains with a lot of other things, especially writing. It interests me and gives me some administrative activities. I wish I'm still young to dream these dreams.

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