Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Emceeing An Event

Our organization of former employees at the same organization will hold its annual get-together party in November this year. Everyone of us was excited and everyone was given a task to do. In my case, I was assigned the emceeing task. I am not a master of this task as I have not done any similar jobs before but I am willing to do it. So, I researched tips from great speakers like Jeff Civillico, and authors, like Dr. Steve Adubato, author of "Speak from the Heart" and gathered the following tips:
  • Do not do most of the talking but keep things moving. Put the attention on those the event is recognizing; keep introductions brief (1 minute or less).
  • Actually know something who is being honored or recognized; read about their backgrounds before you show up and understand why that honoree is being recognized.
  • Be clear on the overall objective of the event.
  • Create a relaxed informal mood; show your genuine enthusiasm and talk about why everyone has gathered in that event.
  • Dress the part; if it is a casual event, dress accordingly.
  • Don't be a jerk; be nice to everyone.
  • Avoid joke telling, you are not there to be a comedian.
  • Force yourself to play the part - you're the glue holding the event together.
  • Review the emotional highlights of the event.
  • Know when to "wrap it up" when someone is going too long with the microphone.
  • Know how to pick up the pace and energy level in the room when a speaker or presenter is flat or dull.
  • Do not leave the stage before the next guest or act comes on.
  • Keep your eyes on the audience and observe how they are responding to things happening in the event.
  • As the emcee, keep a pace close to the high energy opening. Look and sound bright and you will boost the mood of the audience.
  • Leave them wanting more. Get off the stage while the audience still feels entertained.
  • Wrap things up at the end of the event and once again congratulate everyone who were given recognition. Thank everyone for coming and keeping things on a high note.
The above tips and etiquette are important in order to become a successful emcee. You need to do your homework to effectively do your job, or else ruin the event.

Emceeing job is really a big deal.

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